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Infinite Realms 2022.1.0 Release: 2023-01-23 Add system wide Subscription Management Update Profile Window to display live data Add button for autologin to UserPortal in Profile Window Add version management Rearrangement of Bottom Menu Weather Tab Hide unnecessary weather options in 2D mode Make several save functions asynchronous background tasks to prevent main thread causing lags BugFix: VSync settings on certain quality settings profiles prevent FPS limit from kicking in BugFix: Move & Distance Tool placement offset when screen resolution not equal to render resolution BugFix: Token and Paint Tool y-axis offset when using letterbox on non 16:9 main screen BugFix: Fog of War sometimes automagically turning back on again after being turned off BugFix: Stuck in loading screen after deleting multiple maps from Scenario Minor fixes and improvements Infinite Realms 2022.

The Last Steps to Release

It feels like our Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of the year was an eternity ago! Back then we had a working software, but it was far from finished. At that point, Infinite Realms was about more than an MVP (minimum viable product) and that pissed us off quite a bit. We would have loved to have a finished software on the market, without the detour via Kickstarter. However, reality caught up with us very quickly.

Roadmap to Release

We are on track! Earlier this year, we successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign for Infinite Realms. As promised, we subsequently made the latest stable version available to our backers. Of course, some bugs came to light, which we fixed in the short term. At the same time, we started the development of a new test version, in which all features promised in the Kickstarter campaign will be implemented step by step.