ChangeLog Version 2023.1 (stable)

Version 2023.1

The stable version Infinite Realms 2023.1 introduces all new features and concepts like a new Token System and a Scenario Manager window for easy scene management and a mandatory 2D “Home Scene” that serves as an adventure landing page, developed in the 2023.0 branch into a stable version. Additionally a new screen scaling system for Legacy maps has been included, along with more second screen options. New versions in this branch will most likely only include bug fixes.

Infinite Realms 2023.1.5

Release: 2024-04-26

  • SceneList Quick Drowdown is now dynamic, depending on list size
  • Allow numbers and special characters in Token names
  • Loading a texture breaking hardware limits will now cause a meaningful error message
  • BugFix: Texture size not checked at thumbnail generation
  • BugFix: VideoPlayer not unloaded properly
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2023.1.4

Release: 2024-02-08

  • Handouts can now be switched while being shown
  • Assume 72dpi as a base scale for non 16/9 maps only
  • Optimize animated logo in Main Menu and Loading Screen
  • Optimize Handouts texture memory management
  • BugFix: Auto 72dpi scaled legacy maps saving scale=0
  • BugFix: Screen Scale manual slider sometimes showing wrong initial value
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2023.1.3

Release: 2024-02-07

  • Assume 72dpi as a base scale for new legacy maps
  • BugFix: Scenario Setup auto-popup is not triggered
  • BugFix: Race condition sometimes preventing video sound channels from playing
  • BugFix: Handout not showing on some secondary displays
  • BugFix: Token light range cannot be set to zero
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2023.1.2

Release: 2024-01-25

  • Bottom Menu Scenario Tab is now the default tab
  • Improve Scenario Setup auto-popup trigger
  • Individualize Settings file access for each value to prevent Settings resets on new Infinite Realms versions
  • Improve GUI switch handling
  • Last Handout rotation is now saved, even between sessions
  • Closed “portals” (doors) on UVTT maps are now handled like walls for Line of Sight & Fog of War
  • BugFix: Missing texture on textured token leads to token not being manageable & removable
  • BugFix: Grid distance to ground level is way too high
  • BugFix: Some discarded textures are not properly released, causing a memory leak
  • BugFix: Hex grids are vertically elongated and do not fit in a circle
  • BugFix: All fixed brush shapes erroneously use the Dynamic Brush
  • BugFix: Grid is reset erroneously when canceling Screen Setup
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2023.1.1

Release: 2023-12-17

  • Add button to rotate handout images
  • Add rain & thunderstorm weather profiles without fog / haze
  • Add a popup that hints to payment issues with a running subscription (card expired, etc.)
  • An active (golden) token can now be part of a token multi selection, enabling Fog of War removal with multiple tokens moving at a time
  • BugFix: Legacy File Setup window only partly visible in ultra wide screens
  • BugFix: Settings resolution dropdown selection is not active resolution
  • BugFix: Second screen may have incorrect aspect ratio
  • BugFix: Vertical camera position may not be reset to new minimum after changing physical screen diagonal in settings
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2023.1.0

Release: 2023-10-22

  • Add Dynamic Brush to Fog of War system
  • Add second screen selection dropdown in case more than two displays are detected
  • Remove uncanny Shadow Caster from Coin Tokens
  • Wall Tool lines are now only visible on GM screen
  • Deselected Wall Tool lines are now lighter
  • Light Tool sprites are now only visible on GM screen
  • Add Screen Options Window for Legacy Maps
    • Add Detail Slider for manual map scaling
    • Add map scaling by horizontal number of grid cells
    • Add map scaling by grid cell pixel size
    • Walls, Lights and Fog of War are reset on rescaling
  • Refactor ambient light system for Legacy Maps to better work with Daytime settings
  • Simple Token Coins are now created with random non-grey color
  • 3D View Angle Down hotkey changed from ‘H’ to ‘U’
  • Restrict some new 2023 version features to subscription tiers
    • Import / Export (C & H)
    • Save Token Template (C & H)
    • Import Custom Tokens (C & H)
    • Snow & Ash 3D Effects (H)
  • Remove Export button from scenarios not saved in current version
  • Security: Update libwebp to 1.3.2 to fix zero day vulnerability
  • BugFix: Token List in Manager not updated on Delete Token
  • BugFix: Dynamic Brush Artifact Pixels erroneously removing some Fog of War
  • BugFix: New Tokens are always spawned on y=0 in world space instead of Ground Level
  • Minor fixes and improvements