ChangeLog Version 2022.1 (stable)


Infinite Realms has seen a variety of updates and enhancements in the 2022.1 stable version. Key features include the introduction of system-wide subscription management, live data display in the updated profile window, and version management. The software has undergone several bug fixes, including improvements to the movement and fog of war tools, as well as addressing issues with token and paint tool offsets. The bottom menu weather tab has been rearranged, and unnecessary weather options are hidden in 2D mode. Several save functions have been made asynchronous to prevent lagging in the main thread, further improving the user experience.

Infinite Realms 2022.1.5

Release: 2023-05-25

  • Add support for BMP, TGA, PSD and GIF images
  • Add error message popup when unable to load image or video file
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.1.4

Release: 2023-04-16

  • Update Firebase SDK to version 10.7.0
  • Update FileBrowser Pro to 2023.1
  • Codesign all PlugIns individually
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.1.3

Release: 2023-03-27

  • BugFix: Screenshots too dark on macOS
  • BugFix: Screenshots only 16 colors on Windows
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.1.2

Release: 2023-03-24

  • Update Texture Shaders
  • Change MainCamera RenderTexture Color Format to R16G16B16A16_UNORM to reduce banding artifacts
  • BugFix: Fog of War not turned off in 3DView even if Tools are set to be deactivated
  • BugFix: Screenshots are taken before weather is rendered
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.1.1

Release: 2023-02-28

  • Rewrite of the automatic letterbox system, use 16/9 format on all displays
  • ESC hotkey now opens ‘To Main Menu’ popup when bottom menu is open
  • Bottom menu tab hotkeys (T,V,L,F,M) now close bottom menu when pressed while appropriate tab is active
  • BugFix: Uppercase image and video file extensions not recognized as valid map sources
  • BugFix: Movement Tool bounding box not calculated correctly for ViewDistance > 26m
  • BugFix: Fog of War initially being opaque on GM screen in dual screen mode
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.1.0

Release: 2023-01-23

  • Add system wide Subscription Management
  • Update Profile Window to display live data
  • Add button for autologin to UserPortal in Profile Window
  • Add version management
  • Rearrangement of Bottom Menu Weather Tab
  • Hide unnecessary weather options in 2D mode
  • Make several save functions asynchronous background tasks to prevent main thread causing lags
  • BugFix: VSync settings on certain quality settings profiles prevent FPS limit from kicking in
  • BugFix: Move & Distance Tool placement offset when screen resolution not equal to render resolution
  • BugFix: Token and Paint Tool y-axis offset when using letterbox on non 16:9 main screen
  • BugFix: Fog of War sometimes automagically turning back on again after being turned off
  • BugFix: Stuck in loading screen after deleting multiple maps from Scenario
  • Minor fixes and improvements