Roadmap to Release

We are on track!

Earlier this year, we successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign for Infinite Realms. As promised, we subsequently made the latest stable version available to our backers. Of course, some bugs came to light, which we fixed in the short term.

At the same time, we started the development of a new test version, in which all features promised in the Kickstarter campaign will be implemented step by step. As of today (mid-June 2022), four versions have been released in this development branch, which have significantly expanded the feature set of Infinite Realms.

Here is an overview of current and planned development:
Roadmap to Release June 2022

Updates to the map catalog will also be released on a monthly basis - usually including a completely new 3D scenario and improvements to existing maps.

We will keep you informed about all developments through our various channels, the most important one being our newsletter. Sign up now if you haven’t done so yet!

What else is coming up? We’ve already received a few messages that people unfortunately missed our Kickstarter campaign and would still like to have a chance to get Early Access. It is possible to get the Early Access. If you are interested, send Nina an email at and she will send you an offer. It is not yet possible to buy Infinite Realms online because we do not have a payment system yet. Our priority right now is to get new Infinite Realms features into the hands of our backers!

Access to our Discord server will be limited to our backers for the time being. When we will open the server completely is not decided yet, it might coincide with the launch in late summer.

Finally, here are the links to our channels so you can stay up to date: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and once again our newsletter here on the website!

- by Nina