ChangeLog Version 2022.0 (development)

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With the 2022.0 development versions Infinite Realms has introduced numerous updates and enhancements across various releases. Key features include a complete rewrite of the sound and fog of war systems for better flexibility and performance, the addition of a dedicated Sound Stage management window and Look Preset system, and volumetric clouds, depth of field, and fog in the upgraded time and weather system. Other notable improvements include a first-person view mode for 3D scenarios, a new token tool, and a redesigned map selection window with search functionality. The software also benefits from countless bug fixes and minor refinements, contributing to an overall smoother and more immersive user experience.

Infinite Realms 2022.0.6

Release: 2022-11-30

  • Change Volume Sliders to a logarithmic scale to allow for better volume control
  • Prevent idle screen dimming
  • Make saving Scenario more verbose by toggling button style and text while saving
  • Update Unity Engine to 2021.3.12f1
  • Bugfix: Ingame menu toggle animation can be fired multiple times simultaneously resulting in bugged menu state behaviour
  • Bugfix: Fog of War tool placement offset when screen resolution not equal to render resolution
  • Bugfix: Wind Slider not setting wind sfx correctly
  • Bugfix: Vertical Grid alignment not saved correctly
  • Bugfix: System Wind & Weather clips in Sound Stage not being saved correctly
  • Bugfix: Saved Scenarios with broken screenshots not showing up in Restore popup menu
  • BugFix by Workaround: Windows version crashing to desktop after 1 hour runtime due to backend sdk bug
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.0.5

Release: 2022-08-04

  • Complete rewrite of Sound system for more flexibility
  • Replace Sound Select dropdowns with a dedicated Sound Stage management window
  • Add Sound Clip descriptions and text search to Sound Stage system
  • Add Sound Mixer, Master Volume and new Category Volume Sliders
  • Add SFX Sliders to adjust High Pass, Low Pass and Pitch
  • Complete rewrite of Fog of War system, now using tiles of GPU Shader based Rendertextures for better performance, tool precision and visual quality
  • Fog of War player mode is now always completely opaque regardless of underlying map brightness
  • Add new brush shapes (square & 2 hex options) to Fog of War system
  • Add Fog of War brush capability to Token system
  • Re-Add Main Screen Resolution option in System Settings for better performance tweaking
  • Add new Mist & Fog Manager to Weather Tab. This optional Fog Volume can be completely customised in color, size, appearance and behaviour independently of the current Weather Profile
  • BugFix: Thunder Sounds not being bound to Weather Volume Slider
  • BugFix: Sound Startup & FadeIn Sequence on Scenario Loading
  • BugFix: possible Memory Leak caused by the Vegetation System
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.0.4

Release: 2022-07-07

  • Replace Look Preset dropdowns with a dedicated UI window
  • Add preview, descriptions and text search to Look Preset system
  • Add optional FPS counter to Game Master Screen (enable in Settings)
  • Complete rewrite of Scene Rendering system based on offscreen rendering with virtual cameras and buffer injection resulting in a massive performance boost in dual display settings
  • Streamline quality & performance settings
  • Fog of War now completely covers 3D objects
  • Improve Fog of War vertical placement
  • Improve Fog of War tools precision
  • Improve support for non-16/9-format secondary displays
  • Improve Cloud Asset Management
  • Upgrade to new Engine version (Unity 2021.3 LTS)
  • BugFix: Cloud Download failing to sample complete list of Resource Dependencies
  • BugFix: Scenario frozen in Loading Screen due to rampant failed CRC checks on Cache files
  • BugFix: Screen Cover, Paint Layer, Fog & Paint tools falsely being subject to Postprocessing effects
  • BugFix: Fog weather effect not being rendered on second screen
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.0.3

Release: 2022-05-10

  • Upgrade Time & Weather system with Volumetric Clouds, Depth of Field, Fog, Moon, Aurora and more
  • Add new (& replace some subpar) thunder SFX files
  • Add new (& upgrade old) Weather Profiles
  • Add Weather Controls for Moon, Moon Phase & Aurora
  • Optimise performance and quality of Reflections System
  • Add Offline Mode in case Cloud data is unreachable
  • Add Cloud Download Error- and Timeout-Handling
  • Add various Status and Error Messages to be more verbose on what’s going on
  • BugFix: Apply Scene Settings before Level has completed loading
  • BugFix: 2D Scene sporadically not loading correctly
  • BugFix: Incorrect AlphaClip settings in transparent Paint Shaders
  • BugFix: Paint canvas not being properly restored after Scene change when it was deactivated previously
  • BugFix: Paint layer being erroneously reactivated even when set to be Off while loading Scene
  • BugFix: Water Shaders sporadically being rendered in foreground, occluding Grid & Paint layers
  • BugFix: Hotkeys not being deactivated when using Input fields in Bottom and Token menus
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.0.2

Release: 2022-04-13

  • Add First Person View Mode for 3d Scenarios - it is now possible to show 3d Scenes to the players from the inside! The view position and angles are customizable within range and in relation to the current map section center
  • Add Search functionality to Restore Scenario window
  • Redesign of the Map Selection window
  • Add Search functionality to Map Selection Window
  • Attach Line of Sight & Distance Tool to variable “Ground Level”
  • Update to Token Highlight Renderer Plugin, fixing several Bugs:
    • BugFix: Water materials not being rendered on second screen are back
    • BugFix: Some erroneously opaque water materials are transparent again
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.0.1

Release: 2022-03-22

  • 3D Scenarios: Level is not completely reloaded anymore when switching to a different Scene in the same 3D Scenario, reducing loading time from ~20s to ~1s (fast switch) in this special case
  • 3D Scenarios: New Ground Level slider to better use lower lying 3D terrain (e.g. the village on “Forgotten Grave"s or the canyon suspension bridge on “Kóngulódalur”)
  • New Tool: Tokens. It is now possible to add, configure, move and remove 3D tokens in a Scene. Tokens can also have an aura.
  • Optimize Paint Tool default Multiply (day mode) shader
  • Add Opaque & Additive (night mode) shaders to Paint Tool
  • Add Q & E keys for vertical camera movement in Move Tool
  • Add input field for editing Scene name in Scenario Tab
  • Mail Verification Send & Resend dialogs now show user’s email address
  • Add Error Popup System
  • Breaking Change: New Save Scenario System, incompatible to file format of older saves
  • BugFix: Active Distance Tool not showing up in Main Menu anymore
  • BugFix: Formerly slow Menu animation now starting instantly
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2022.0.0

Release: 2022-03-03

  • New firewall tolerant database backend
  • New tool menu on Scenario screen top
  • New tool - Distance & Line of Sight
  • New tool - Marking & Paint
  • Movement refactored into new Movement tool
  • New movement options:
    • drag on hold left click
    • teleport on right click
    • camera distance on mouse wheel
  • Settings - option to limit FPS for energy & heat efficiency
  • BugFix: Fog of War not saving state after manual reset
  • Minor fixes and improvements