ChangeLog Version 2023.0 (development)

Version 2023.0

The development version Infinite Realms 2023.0 introduces exciting new features, including a Scenario Manager window for easy scene management and a mandatory 2D “Home Scene” that serves as an adventure landing page. The program now supports the imperial system as default, with an option to switch back to metric. The Sound Stage clip loading system has been significantly improved, and the scene loading system has been revamped to be event-based. These updates, along with many other enhancements and bug fixes, make for a more seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Infinite Realms 2023.0.3 (Beta)

Release: 2023-08-11

  • Legacy Map canvas now uses lit shader
  • Enable Daytime Slider for Legacy & UVTT Maps
  • Add Virtual Wall tool affecting Point Lights & Fog of War for Legacy Maps
  • Add Point Light Tool with range, intensity & color options for Legacy Maps
  • Combine Fog of War Tools into one tool
  • Combine Movement & Token Tools into one tool
  • Add Hotkeys (numbers 1-7) for Tools
  • Add Help Tab with Hotkey information
  • Add Handout & Token Tab
  • Expansive Refactoring of Token System:
    • Add Box Select & Multi Token Movement
    • Add Token Manager
    • Add function to save Tokens as Global Token Templates
    • Import images for Character Portrait Tokens
    • Import Hero Forge models as Tokens
    • Add Light option with color, range & intensity to Tokens
    • Add raycast based dynamic Fog of War Brush to Tokens
    • Add Aura style & color options
    • Add rotation (on vertical axis) option to Tokens
  • Add right-click context menus for Lights & Tokens
  • Make all FileBrowser calls asynchronous
  • Move Tool now has transparent Fog of War when moving in single screen mode
  • Fog of War Brush resolution now depends on quality settings
  • Optimize Virtual Wall generation for UVTT Maps and Legacy Map Wall Tool
  • Disable Snow & Ash option on 2D Maps
  • BugFix: When switching Handout preview active Handout cannot be closed
  • BugFix: When double clicking Scenario in Restore Window scene is loaded twice at the same time
  • BugFix: Default Music Volume is way too low
  • BugFix: Home Scene File not displayed on Lock Screen
  • BugFix: Home Scene File Change animation not working correctly
  • BugFix: App can stop working in Scenario Loading Screen
  • BugFix: Fog of War sometimes not enabled properly
  • BugFix: Token HitBox too small
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2023.0.2

Release: 2023-07-14

  • Add support for webP images
  • Add support for Universal VTT files, including
    • Dynamic light controls
    • Ambient light controls
    • Automatic scale to grid
  • Add support for custom Unity3D URP Scenes (“self-made 3D maps”)
    • Loaded from file instead of cloud
    • Support all 3D map features (weather, time, etc.)
  • Saved scenarios now include copies of all needed map files
  • Saved scenarios now show total file size on disk
  • Saved scenarios are now versioned and warn about possible compatibility issues
  • Add import / export scenario functionality for backup & sharing
  • File Dialog target directories for load & export are now saved during runtime
  • Scenario Manager now shows source file name instead of path
  • Update Unity Engine to 2021.3.27f1
  • BugFix: MistController not properly unloaded
  • BugFix: Grid Tool not reset at scene change
  • BugFix: App does infinite loop during scene transition
  • BugFix: Error handling & recovery broken at scene transition
  • BugFix: Grid always active in View Mode after Restore
  • BugFix: Grid Offset sometimes wrong after Restore
  • BugFix: Fog of War sometimes not properly initialized
  • BugFix: Handout dialog & canvas not safely discarded
  • BugFix: Reference for Wind Force 12 sound missing
  • BuxFix: Active scene index not reset when lower id scene is removed
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2023.0.1

Release: 2023-05-25

  • Move from forward to deferred rendering system for improved performance and new features
  • Add Snow & Ash tool to add dynamic coverage effect to 3D scenarios
  • Add a simple handout system that allows to select a directory where handout images are stored and display them from a dropdown list
  • Replace old grid system with a new dynamic grid system
    • Add rotation slider
    • Presets for various game systems
    • Full RGB color
    • Paintable grid cells, e.g. for area of effect markings
  • 2D maps can now be scaled to be smaller than full screen width
  • Video maps can now be scaled
  • Add player monitor size to settings. This enables automatic map and grid scaling by available screen space
  • Divide Settings window into Settings & Options tabs
  • Include all features and bug fixes up to 2022.1.5
  • BugFix: Freeze while loading 2D map caused by a race condition when indirectly setting screen scale
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Infinite Realms 2023.0.0

Release: 2023-03-27

  • Add Scenario Manager window with new functionality. Sort, add and delete scenes & manage basic settings for all scenes in the scenario without the need to load the scene first. The old dropdown for quick scene switching is still available as a convenient alternative
  • Add a mandatory 2D image or video “Home Scene” with reduced functionality that doubles as an adventure landing page. The Home Scene is used as the player loading screen and the “Lock Screen” in dual display mode
  • Add support for the imperial system and make it the default. The metric system can be re-enabled in the settings
  • Refactor previously laggy Sound Stage clip loading system
  • Sound Stage album dropdown now only shows albums available in the selected category
  • Sound Stage and Look Preset windows now save filters and search keywords for the session
  • Refactor scene loading system to be event based, remove screen cover tie-ins
  • Make loading sequence status more verbose
  • Complete rewrite of the screen cover system, replacing a messy setup with two separate systems for gm and players
  • Add “Quick Tip” texts to the gm loading screen
  • Include all bug fixes up to 2022.1.3
  • BugFix: A rotated 2D image is not resized to fit screen width at default scale
  • Minor fixes and improvements