The Last Steps to Release

It feels like our Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of the year was an eternity ago! Back then we had a working software, but it was far from finished. At that point, Infinite Realms was about more than an MVP (minimum viable product) and that pissed us off quite a bit. We would have loved to have a finished software on the market, without the detour via Kickstarter. However, reality caught up with us very quickly. We are only a small team of 4 people who have a full-time job besides Infinite Realms. The development of a software costs time, money and nerves. So it was clear to us quite fast that we first have to create a financial background to push the development further.

We just about reached our Kickstarter goal, which made it a lot easier for us, because it allowed us to focus on further development in the last few months. Thanks to Kickstarter and the many people who got hold of Early Access, we were also able to get direct feedback from users and thus incorporate some changes that we would not have thought of. In addition, due to the large number of users, we noticed a few bugs that we were able to fix quickly.

Since Kickstarter, we have distributed several enhanced beta versions to our Early Access users. The last one a few days ago. We are happy and proud that we could integrate so many new features in the few months. Our vision is taking shape more and more. The more new features we add, the more ideas we have about what else to include. So you can be sure that even after the late summer release, development will not be over for a long time.

Roadmap to Release July 2022

We still have a few important things on our To Do list until we can finally launch officially. First, we will work a little bit on the software itself. But this is really only a small point on the list. Currently our website is being rebuilt and we hope to be able to present the new website for the release. A payment system is still missing. Here it is important that taxes are calculated and displayed automatically. As we know, we will sell worldwide and it is then simply no longer practicable to determine the taxes manually. After all, we want to do everything right in order not to get into trouble with tax authorities. So there is still a lot of research and work to be done to make it all work.

A well thought-out advertising campaign is also necessary to ensure a successful product launch. We do all this ourselves. So taking images and videos, designing graphics and turning the whole thing into appealing spots and ads. Then we launch them on various platforms, preferably in such a way that only people from our target group see them. Otherwise, advertising is known to be more annoying than helpful, and we don’t want that. When it comes to advertising, we are grateful for any support. If you are already using Infinite Realms and are satisfied, please tell your friends about it and share your experiences on social media. Every shout out is a great help for us!

Much of what is still to come in the last few meters is not visible to you, but you can be sure that we are working at full speed, even if it might be a bit quiet around us in the meantime!

At this point we would like to thank all of you who have supported us so energetically in the past months, who have tested Infinite Realms and who have given us constant feedback. Our community is the best! Thanks a lot!

- by Nina