Welcome to Infinite Realms

Every roleplayer knows that it can be very tedious to draw every single battlemap by hand when using analog maps. Draw it on dry-erase, play the map, wipe everything away again and draw a new battlemap. In the long run it’s really exhausting. And the best part is that half of the map smudges when you move the tiles on it. It’s nerve-wracking and very unattractive - and it takes a lot of imagination to make sense out of this drawn map.

An advantage are the digital maps, which are often already available. You can display them on a TV or via a projector on the table. This at least prevents the annoying smudging or drawing of maps. But unfortunately you can adjust absolutely nothing. If you found a great and suitable map, for example a mountain trail during the day, and you would ideally need it at night, you have to search for another map every time or hope that this map might be available in another version with suitable time of day and weather. Again, this is tedious and takes time.

I’ve experienced all of this so far, and it often annoyed me because it somehow interrupted the flow of the game every time.

Why not simplify the whole thing?

Why not have a truly dynamic map where you can REALLY adjust the wind, weather, and time of day? Where you can turn torches and campfires on and off? Where you can tell it’s snowing, raining, storming, or that it’s a sunny day after all? Where the flow of the game is not interrupted by the constant drawing of maps and you can choose all the maps beforehand, load them into the program and switch back and forth between the maps at will. It doesn’t necessarily have to be maps from our upcoming store (we would prefer that, of course ;)).

If you already bought your own image or video maps or even created them yourself, you can adjust the look and style with many effects, use tools like grids and fog of war and even crank up the atmosphere by using our vast sound library - for free!

Is it possible to make it even better? Sure. Do we plan to constantly improve our project and welcome any feedback from you? Absolutely.

- by Jessi