Kickstarter is over - what now?

We were successfully funded! With the successful completion of our Kickstarter campaign, an exciting and intense time has come to an end. The 30 days during the campaign started with checking the activities over night in the morning and ended with checking in the evening before going to bed to see if anything important had happened. And in between there was a lot of fever, comments and questions answered and the advertising drum was beaten.

What is Enhanced Tabletop RPG?

Explaining Infinite Realms What is ETT on YouTube Today I’ll show you how to enhance your tabletop RPG experience using Infinite Realms with immersive and handy tools for your classic 2D maps, animated video maps and our all-new ultra-flexible 3d maps! As a Dungeon Master for over 30 years, I’ve been faced with the same question over and over again: how do I provide my players with the most engaging experience at the table?

Covid and RPG Tabletop

Today I am going to tell you how the Covid Pandemic changed our hobby, what we experienced and the good and bad experiences of having a pastime that you share with multiple people while not being allowed to meet people. Like it was in the past In the time before Pandemic, I had several groups with Danny in which we played Dungeons and Dragons with different people in different campaigns. Among other things, the group we first met in years ago still exists.

Welcome to Infinite Realms

Every roleplayer knows that it can be very tedious to draw every single battlemap by hand when using analog maps. Draw it on dry-erase, play the map, wipe everything away again and draw a new battlemap. In the long run it’s really exhausting. And the best part is that half of the map smudges when you move the tiles on it. It’s nerve-wracking and very unattractive - and it takes a lot of imagination to make sense out of this drawn map.