The Lost Doll - A Halloween 2023 One-Shot

New Year, New One-Shot! This time, we’ll be doing something different: Stick around if you want to know how I used Infinite Realms to do a Pokémon one-shot! A quick rundown of the story: The adventure is set in an mediterranean-ish coast town (for my fellow pokémon experts: it’s close to the city of Fermanca). My players will investigate why multiple residents of an retirement home have gone missing. A long time ago, one of the inhabitants lost their favorite plush toy in the basement of this building.

Kickstarter is over - what now?

We were successfully funded! With the successful completion of our Kickstarter campaign, an exciting and intense time has come to an end. The 30 days during the campaign started with checking the activities over night in the morning and ended with checking in the evening before going to bed to see if anything important had happened. And in between there was a lot of fever, comments and questions answered and the advertising drum was beaten.

Fog of War and Grid

Fog of War Who does not know it? Whether the map was included in an adventure or you found a map to match the adventure, as a dungeon master you just don’t want the party members to see everything on that map right away, if only to maintain the element of surprise. Imagine that your party is going through a forest, a cave or a castle. The map is quite big and there is a lot to see, maybe there should be some enemies on there.

My journey into the Infinite Realms

First Steps When I was a teenager in the early nineties some friends came up with a game called Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition and invited me to a session. I had always been a kid facinated with fantasy stories and had already read the Icewind Dale Trilogy by Bob Salvatore. Also, being a nerd, I had played Eye of the Beholder with my neighbor’s son for hours on end.

Forgotten Graves

A Halloween 2021 one-shot Let me give you a quick rundown, on how I planned our halloween D&D one-shot and how this influenced the map design. We start at a festival ground, which can be a marketplace or any other open space in a village. For this one-shot I added some stands and tents and a stage, because we start at the „Fair of Wonders“. I also tried to recreate a bow-shooting range.

When will our Kickstarter campaign start?

As you surely know, we want to start a Kickstarter campaign soon, but why does it take so long and why don’t we just do it now? We live and work in Germany. The nice thing here is the reliability, punctuality and accuracy of the people here. And yes, these are not just clichés, but reality. A German saying goes “5 minutes ahead of time, are the German’s punctuality”. I personally enjoy these virtues very much and am a prime example myself.

Covid and RPG Tabletop

Today I am going to tell you how the Covid Pandemic changed our hobby, what we experienced and the good and bad experiences of having a pastime that you share with multiple people while not being allowed to meet people. Like it was in the past In the time before Pandemic, I had several groups with Danny in which we played Dungeons and Dragons with different people in different campaigns. Among other things, the group we first met in years ago still exists.

Welcome to Infinite Realms

Every roleplayer knows that it can be very tedious to draw every single battlemap by hand when using analog maps. Draw it on dry-erase, play the map, wipe everything away again and draw a new battlemap. In the long run it’s really exhausting. And the best part is that half of the map smudges when you move the tiles on it. It’s nerve-wracking and very unattractive - and it takes a lot of imagination to make sense out of this drawn map.