Fog of War and Grid

Fog of War

Who does not know it? Whether the map was included in an adventure or you found a map to match the adventure, as a dungeon master you just don’t want the party members to see everything on that map right away, if only to maintain the element of surprise.

Imagine that your party is going through a forest, a cave or a castle. The map is quite big and there is a lot to see, maybe there should be some enemies on there. It would be boring if you could see everything directly. One would like to explore and be surprised! Then why not reveal everything that should be seen and leave the rest dark?

Fog of War revealed with different brush shapes

Exactly that is possible! No matter if in rectangles or with a brush. You can easily uncover or cover everything that should be seen or hidden with different stroke sizes by left- or right-clicking.

Practical, isn’t it?


Such a grid is a great thing. With us you can choose between normal boxes and the hex format. Depending on which roleplaying system you play. Often it’s difficult with the maps if the grid does’nt fit. Then you have for example two half squares on a bridge, although the bridge is built in a way that a central square would fit exactly. This is not practical and not at all nice to look at.

So it is very nice to be able to adjust the size of the grid as well as the alignment. You can easily move the fields on the x- and y-axis.

Additionally you have the problem that you can’t see a black grid on the forest floor of the map. Likewise a white grid on a map in winter. It is even possible that you can change the color of the grid. No matter if red, black, blue, green or white. Even the grid thickness is customizable.

That facilitates the common gambling nevertheless immensely!

- Jessi