When will our Kickstarter campaign start?

As you surely know, we want to start a Kickstarter campaign soon, but why does it take so long and why don’t we just do it now?

We live and work in Germany. The nice thing here is the reliability, punctuality and accuracy of the people here. And yes, these are not just clichés, but reality. A German saying goes “5 minutes ahead of time, are the German’s punctuality”. I personally enjoy these virtues very much and am a prime example myself. However, this becomes annoying if you plan to earn money with an independent occupation…

Of course, everything has to be planned and registered in detail. Simply collecting money is extremely unwise, especially since we don’t want to get into trouble with the tax authorities. Therefore, a company must be registered. This all has to be highly official and approached. This is expensive and time-consuming, which is why we took this step as late as possible to be sure that we can deliver a working software and that we have in principle the possibility to recoup the costs.

That’s where we are now, so we went to the notary. Here the contract for the company had to be recorded. With this draft in hand, we could then open a bank account to deposit the start-up capital and prove the deposit and last but not least the court has to register the company in the commercial register. When all this is done, we are officially allowed to do business and earn money.

The plan was to get everything done this month at the latest, but unfortunately the gears are not meshing as we had hoped. We think next month we will have everything organized and finally be able to launch our Kickstarter campaign.

- by Nina