Welcome to Kóngulódalur

Welcome to Kóngulódalur, which is Icelandic and means spider valley. It’s autumn in the mountains, it’s cold and it’s snowing. Here grow only a few conifers and frugal plants that can cope well with cold and darkness.

Spidervalley Start
We start our journey in the spider valley at a small stream that falls into a gorge. This gorge divides the entire map into two halves. Is there a path across the gorge that the adventurers can take without danger?

Spidervalley Mine
On the way north, we find at least a small bridge over the stream. A little further on is an abandoned mine. It looks like the departure was hasty. What happened here? Bandits, wolves or something worse? Maybe a look into the mine will help, maybe we should look for a way to the other side of the gorge…

Spidervalley Little House
The mountains block the way further north, but there is a path that leads south. Past a small house. It seems to be inhabited, because there is smoke coming out of the chimney. Does a hermit, an old woman or the bandits who were responsible for the attack on the mine live here?

To the west, the gorge again blocks our way, but we also continue south. Here we find a small lake, possibly you can fish here, so that we can strengthen ourselves for the further way. With a little luck we will find enough dry wood to make a fire.

Spidervalley Bridge
Here there is also finally the longed for bridge over the gorge. After the first joy, however, disillusionment follows quickly. It is a wide gorge and the bridge is only a little confidence inspiring suspension bridge. Who knows how old and stable it is. In places, boards are already missing and the ropes of the bridge look as if they have seen better times. Maybe we should enter the bridge one after the other and not all together. But what is hiding on the other side? Is it safe there if you are alone?

Spidervalley Statue
Arriving safely on the other side, we find a small pond and a river that pours into the gorge just like the small stream. This explains the deafening noise. We can barely hear our own voices. A bit away from the waterfall, it gets a little quieter. But what is that? A small monolith on the precipice of the gorge? A closer look reveals bones, human remains…. Were they animals, or religious fanatics?

Spidervalley Spiderweb
As we continue walking, it occurs to us that maybe there were spiders, huge spiders, unfriendly spiders. We almost stumble into these huge, sticky spider webs. The trees on which the spider webs stick are dead, leafless and dried up. Our hair stands on end when we notice a movement in the corner of our eye.

You see, Kóngulódalur has a lot to offer. So many interesting places where a story can be told. Which one do you have to tell?

- by Nina