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Infinite Realms is a software for Windows and macOS to project maps for roleplaying games and wargaming on to the table, by either using a TV with a custom stand, or a projector hanging from the ceiling. It supports 2D image-files, video-files and brings custom-built 3D maps, with extra features.


  • single- and dual-screen mode
  • first person view
  • customizable hex and rectangle grid
  • dynamic fog of war
  • weather effects
  • fog and mist
  • soundsystem providing weather-, ambient-, and battle-sounds, and also music
  • customizable postprocessing effect
  • scaling and rotating maps
  • save and load a collection of maps to easily plan campaigns
  • distance measurement tool
  • basic token system
  • paint layer

Additional features on 3D maps

  • 24h time of day
  • customizable wind direction and speed
  • multiple POI in a huge, connected map
  • optional moon and aurora

About the developers

Team of Infinite Realms

Infinite Realms is developed by Megavoid Studios, a newly founded company from Germany. The founders Daniel, Jan, Jessi and Nina are friends and roleplayers and wanted to create a better way to enjoy their games.

Infinite Realms, one sentence at a time

Forget dryerase mats and marker pens, for your in person ttrpg, Infinite Realms is the right solution.
With Infinite Realms we offer you an easy to use alternative of multiple, always battle-ready, terrain bases for wargaming.
Our maps in Infinite Realms can be used in more than one way, like you can use the day and night slider to pick the right time, or change the weather if you like.
Infinite Realms is a versatile tool to enhance all tabletop games using minis.
In the Volume & Sound Tab we can match the volume of the various sound effects and add more layers to the scene's atmosphere in the Soundstage.
In the Light & Effects Tab we will use looks and various effects to adjust the scenario to the desired mood.
The Fog of War & Grid Tab is about preparing the scenario for exploration and combat, if you don't want to show the whole map immediately.