Change Your Tabletop RPG Landscape: New Snow & Ash System

Change Your Tabletop RPG Landscape Play
Change Your Tabletop RPG Landscape
In this Vlog, our developer Danny is excited to guide you through the innovative features of our 2023.0.1 update for Infinite Realms! He discusses the Ash & Snow cover system, the brand new dynamic grid, monitor size dependent auto scaling, the much requested handout system and more!

We’ve just released the latest Developer VLog on our YouTube channel. Take a look at the latest 2023.0.1 beta version of Infinite Realms and discover all new features and enhancements for your tabletop.

Check it out on YouTube!

New Beta Version 2023.0.1 - Out now

Get ready to download the new version of our Beta starting today! In Version 2023.0.1, you’ll find some exciting changes that will spice things up:

Snow Cover
  • Move from forward to deferred rendering system for improved performance and new features
  • Add Snow & Ash tool to add dynamic coverage effect to 3D scenarios
  • Add a simple handout system that allows to select a directory where handout images are stored and display them from a dropdown list
  • Replace old grid system with a new dynamic grid system
    • Add rotation slider
    • Presets for various game systems
    • Full RGB color
    • Paintable grid cells, e.g. for area of effect markings
  • 2D maps can now be scaled to be smaller than full screen width
  • Video maps can now be scaled
  • Add player monitor size to settings. This enables automatic map and grid scaling by available screen space
  • Divide Settings window into Settings & Options tabs
  • Include all features and bug fixes up to 2022.1.5
  • BugFix: Freeze while loading 2D map caused by a race condition when indirectly setting screen scale
  • Minor fixes and improvements

    Get this version on our Development page!

New Stable Version 2022.1.5 - Out now

Get ready to download the new version of our stable verion today! In Version 2022.1.5, you’ll find these changes:

  • Add support for BMP, TGA, PSD and GIF images
  • Add error message popup when unable to load image or video file
  • Minor fixes and improvements

You can download this version right here!

If you are using version 2022.1.4 or older, we recommend an update.

New Blog Post - Troubleshooting Grey Screen

The infamous grey screen at startup is an issue a number of users have experienced in the past. Up until now all cases could be solved by our team on Discord and documentation on the issue on our FAQ page has grown ever since.

As the problem can have various causes depending on the user’s hard- and software, Danny has decided to compile all information on the issue into a single blog post.

New Grid Tool in Beta 2023.0.1

New Grid Tool
Dear Infinite Realms community, we are pleased to show you a first glimpse of an innovative Grid Tool that aims to enhance your gaming experience! The Grid Tool currently allows you to paint radius-based shapes centered on a cell or a cell intersection, as well as box shapes (such as the 15’ cube for the Thunderwave spell).

We are also working on adding tool options for lines and cones, and ensuring compatibility with all hex grid options.

Additionally, the Grid Tool will offer a complete color wheel and an opacity slider, enabling you to fine-tune the appearance of your markings with precision.

The Grid Tool will be one of many new features in the upcoming development release Beta 2023.0.1. Stay tuned for updates!

Development Version webpage

We’ve given our website a little update today to make it even easier for you to get your hands on the latest development version.

Swing by the new Development Version page for more information and downloads, and stay up-to-date with all the exciting innovations in Infinite Realms!

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Beta 2023.0.1 sneak peek

We are thrilled to announce that our team is already working on the next development release, which will include several exciting new features to enhance your gaming experience. In this news update, we’d like to give you a sneak peek at what’s coming by sharing a screenshot that showcases two of these new features: imported 3D tokens and an improved interactive grid system.

Beta Screenshot with Hero Forge Mini

The screenshot demonstrates an imported Hero Forge mini token, providing you with the ability to use 3D tokens in your sessions. Additionally, we’ve made it possible for you to customize the classic tokens with your own textures, such as character portraits. This added flexibility will allow for a more immersive and personalized gaming experience when using the token system.

We’re also excited to introduce significant improvements to our grid system. The grid now supports a full HDR color palette. You can easily mark areas with specific colors, such as highlighting all the fields within a configured radius or displaying a cone. Furthermore, the grid is now rotatable, providing even more versatility for your game layouts.

All previous features of the grid system will remain intact, of course!

Stay tuned for more updates on our next development release, and thank you for your continued support!

New Tools for Epic Tabletop RPG Sessions!

New Tools for Epic Tabletop RPG Sessions! Play
New Tools for Epic Tabletop RPG Sessions!
Discover the thrilling new features of the Infinite Realms 2023 update, designed to elevate your RPG game mastery experience to new heights! Dive into the revamped Scenario Manager that simplifies scene management, and explore the Home Scene – a versatile 2D image or video scene for your players’ loading and lock screens. These quality of life improvements offer a more organized and seamless gaming environment, ensuring you stay in control of every aspect of your adventure.

We’ve just released a brand new video on our YouTube channel. Our developer, Danny, presents an in-depth look at the latest 2023.0.0 beta version of Infinite Realms, showcasing all the exciting features and enhancements that it brings to the table.

We invite you to watch the video and join us as he explores the possibilities of our cutting-edge rpg tabletop platform. Head on over to our channel to discover what’s new in Infinite Realms!

Infinite Realms Beta 2023.0.0 release

Scenario Manager
A few days ago, we announced the upcoming release of Infinite Realms Beta 2023.0.0, featuring a range of quality of life improvements for users. Unfortunately, the planned Sunday release was delayed due to two last-minute bugs.

We are pleased to report that these issues have been resolved, and we have now released the first installment of our 2023 version! To download the update, please visit the #beta-test channel on our Discord server. Feel free to leave your comments and report any bugs you find there as well.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our Blog post, which includes some screenshots of the 2023.0.0 update. Enjoy the new features and improvements in this latest version of Infinite Realms!

Infinite Realms 2022.1.3 patch

Today marks the release of the latest update for Infinite Realms, version 2022.1.3, which addresses a bug that emerged alongside the texture quality enhancements introduced in version 2022.1.2. This issue resulted in excessively dark screenshots on macOS, while causing significant color distortion on Windows. As a consequence, the bug led to the delay of yesterday’s planned Infinite Realms Beta 2023.0.0 release. To remedy this situation, we swiftly backported the patch for the stable 2022.1 line.

Don’t hesitate to upgrade to version 2022.1.3, now available on our Download page. Experience the improved texture quality without the drawbacks, and continue to enjoy the immersive world of Infinite Realms!


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