Time and Weather

Set time and weather as you need

Infinite Realms offers thousands of ways to make your setting unique and just the way you want it. Today I want to tell you what is possible with the tab “Time and Weather”.

In our self-designed 3D maps you can take full advantage of all the possibilities. In video maps and 2D maps the possibilities are limited, but even there you can make it rain.

Personally, I like the possibility of setting the time the best. How often does it happen that you plan an encounter but the players dawdle and instead of showing up in the evening, they show up in the middle of the night, or they find a way to travel faster and are already there at noon.

With the time of day slider this is no problem, just move a bit to the right or left and the sun moves along the zenith and influences the brightness, the shadow cast and the color play of the light. The result is an atmospheric sunset or a pitch-black night.

Weather Tab

Speaking of pitch black night: If the battlemap is suddenly black because the sun has gone down and you can’t see anything anymore, is of course stupid, but we have a solution for that as well. Directly below the slider for the time of day there is the slider „Light intensity".

In the darkest night, simply increase the light intensity a bit and the map brightens up a bit. This allows players to find their way around even without a light source.

We have now set the time of day and brightness as we would like, but for the right mood now a heavy rain shower would be nice. No problem, with the weather effects you can choose between clear skies with the shadows of the trees, light and heavy rain, thunderstorms, hail and snow. Suitable for each weather you can choose the sound effects, or turn them off completely. For the heavy rain shower, I would now set heavy rain or thunderstorm and choose the appropriate sound for it.

To a heavy rain or thunderstorm belongs of course a strong storm with strong gusts. With Infinite Realms you can set the wind strength, the gust strength and the wind direction. With a nice storm from the north, our powerful thunderstorm and a dark night, players will freeze just from watching and get soaked to the bone.

The nice thing is, you can set bright sunshine again at the push of a button, as if the storm never happened!

- by Nina