Development Version 2023.0.2 - Stunning new Features

Welcome back to our blog, Infinite Realms enthusiasts! We just recently published our newest development version 2023.0.2 as some of you may have seen. If you haven’t, don’t worry because in this blog post we will tell you all about it.

New Save System

The biggest update might be our save system, which we have completely transformed to give you an enhanced and seamless experience. Media files used to be externally linked, which left them open to unintentional deletion or relocation. However, thanks to the revamped save system all media files are now saved within the scenario itself. This guarantees convenient storage and reduces the possibility of damage or disruption, when managing your scenarios.

Versioning functionality is also included in the updated Save System. Which means that Infinite Realms will now let you know if a save came from an earlier version of the software. This awareness enables you to make any modifications required for a seamless experience.

Import and Export Buttons

Main Menu

We’ve also made it more convenient to package and transfer scenarios by adding specific Export and Import buttons to the main menu. The cross-platform compatibility of the Import/Export feature makes it possible for users of Windows and macOS to collaborate and share scenarios easily.

Create you own 3D Maps with the Unity Editor

So let’s come to the most exciting update in this developer version. You now can start building your own 3D maps. Additionally you’ll be able to modify some new maps in any way possible by simply adding, removing or replacing items! You can find a tutorial for the first steps as map designer here or on YouTube


UVTT File Support

On top of that Infinite Realms now supports UVTT files, most map-making software can export. So just export your map, import it into Infinite Realms and find the grid set up like you planned with all the lights and virtual walls. Then enhance your map with all the features Infinite Realms has to offer.

Bug Fixes

Naturally the update also includes all bug fixes up to version 2023.0.1, such as the grid tool not resetting at scene changes, the missing reference for the Wind Force 12 sound or Fog of War sometimes not initializing properly as well as various other minor fixes and improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

All of the updates and additions in Infinite Realms Developer Version 2023.0.2 offer a refined and user-friendly experience, empowering you to focus on crafting immersive adventures without worrying about file management or compatibility issues.

So download the development version 2023.0.2 here and share your feedback with us to make sure Infinite Realms keeps improving to make your gaming experience as easy and memorable as possible.

- by Noemi