Running Scenarios

Once a scenario is created or loaded, you can control the scenario mainly through the bottom menu. When you move the mouse, a small arrow appears at the bottom of the gamemaster screen. This arrow opens and closes the bottom menu. Bottom Menu

The bottom menu is divided into five tabs, which are described in more detail on the following pages.


To simplify the control, there is a set of hotkeys for the bottom menu. The most important hotkey is the TAB key as it opens and closes the bottom menu.

Each individual tab of the bottom menu can be accessed via a hotkey corresponding to the first letter of the tab name:

T - Time & Weather
V - Volume & Sound
L - Light & Effects
F - Fog of War & Tools
M - Map & Scenario

These individual hotkeys work both when the bottom menu is open and when it is closed. The menu can be closed again via the TAB key and the hotkey of the active tab.

While the bottom menu is open, you can use the ESC hotkey to open the Return to Main Menu dialog.

Additionally there are hotkeys in the Movement Tool (WASD), Scenario View Distance (QE) and 3D View (WASDQEZH) which are described on the corresponding tutorial pages.